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The terms and conditions set forth below ("Terms and Conditions") apply to CONFIDENCE PLUS ("Membership Program"). These Terms are between you and CONFIDENCE Apparel Inc. (together with its current and future affiliates and subsidiaries) ("we" or "us") and govern our respective rights and obligations. If you sign up for a CONFIDENCE PLUS membership, you accept these terms, conditions, limitations and requirements.


The fee for the Membership Program ("Membership Fee") is Twenty-five dollars (US $25) per year, plus any applicable taxes. Membership term is one (1) year from the date you or your gift giver (if you receive CONFIDENCE PLUS as a gift) pay the Membership Fee.

Your membership will be automatically renewed unless canceled. If you cancel, your membership will automatically expire at the end of your one (1) year membership term. Membership fees are non-refundable. Call customer service at 1-872-903-3992 for questions.

We may, in our sole and absolute discretion, change the Membership Fee. If the Membership Fee changes, your membership will be valid for the remaining period of time applicable within the one (1) year membership term at the original Membership Fee amount paid.


All credit cards and debit cards can be used to pay for your membership. If the card we have on file for you that was used to pay for the membership is declined for payment of your Membership Fee, you must provide us a new card promptly or your membership will be canceled. If you provide us with a new card and are successfully charged, your membership period will be based on the original sign-up date and not the date of the successful charge.

Confidence Plus Terms and Conditions are subject to update at any time.

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